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reporting tools

All of the supplies on what is reporting software?

It is software that obtains data from different sources in the form of charts, graphs, tables, columns, etc., as required or suitable, and helps you to arrange and analyze it. This makes it easy to examine the information and helps better understand your business processes. Good reporting software speeds up the process of getting the required information to the maximum degree because, with time, the worth of an insight decreases.

However, the primary function of this software is to organize and visualize information. So, to maintain the quality of reports, you need to gather, combine and clean your data before you upload it to a web reporting software. Some specially designed tools like OWOX BI Pipeline can be used for this purpose.



One of the best reporting tools is GOOGLE DATA STUDIO. It is free software. Using DATA STUDIO TOOL, you can use a connector to gather and compare your information or data. The connector also helps interactive design dashboards and generate visualizations in Explorer, where you can survey your collected data.

You can create your reports using specific templates available in the gallery of DATA STUDIOS. One should be mindful, however, that there is a limit on collected data in Data Studio, and any official google support system does not back it.

Data Studio combines all the gathered results and, comparatively, only works as fast when there are more than two data sources as it does when it has one or two sources. This problem can be curtailed if all the information is gathered in a single dataset in Google BigQuery and then incorporated in DATA STUDIO as a single source. For instance, you can use OWOX BI to store your data in Google BigQuery.

2) OWOX BI  

OWOX BI is a marketing data platform that assembles extensive amounts of incomparable data from various offline and online sources in one place (Google Analytics or Google BigQuery). OWOX BI obtains data from ad services, CRMs, websites, Google Analytics, and other sources and combines, cleans, and organizes it in real-time. OWOX BI also keeps track of the quality of the data and supports UTM parameters. The collected data can be used to create reports with OWOX BI Smart Data or transferred to any other tool like Google Sheets or Google Data Studio. 

You can use free OWOX BI plans initially, but if you want better performance, then you can upgrade to paid plans. 


It is an ELT platform i-e extract, transform, and load. It gathers information and automatically cleanses and organizes it, so you can use it to make dashboards and reports with your desired criteria. The prepared result then goes to the data storehouse of Funnel unless you choose to store it by using any of the other 500 integrations, for instance, Google Data Studio.

However, you should consider that Funnel does not stream user data from a website, does not keep track of the quality of data, and does not hold up dynamic UTM parameters. FUNNEL monthly plan prices start at €499. 


Supermetrics is another ELT program that you can use as automatic report-writing software. It gathers and processes your data by using the APIs. It then sends your data to another tool that you can choose from the available super metrics integrations. (including Google Analytics and Google Ads) .

However, it should be remembered that this tool has its limitations. It does not keep a check on data quality and has no choice but to make attribution-based reports. For this purpose, you would have to use another tool.

Supermetrics monthly prices start at $39 a month.

5) Improvado

Another excellent reporting tool is Improvado. It is also an ELT-based platform. It uses a REST API to extract data from different sources to clean, organize and plan it. It converts the data into merging tables and then the data structure. Lastly, the data can be transformed into the Improvafo database or any other storage space. Improvado can be integrated with other marketing tools like Google Analytics etc. It offers a free trial period for testing its features. It offers custom pricing too.

6) Datorama

It is also considered one of the best reporting tools. It is an AI-powered tool used for report writing and data analysis. It collects all the data needed to unify, perform and analyze it. It also offers a unique feature of goal completion and cross-platform management. It offers quite expensive plans; the basic pricing of Datorama starts at $36,000 for a year. 


Data reporting tools are of great help in different aspects of decision-making. To improve the quality of your decision-making, you need to get simple, structured, and visualized answers to all your questions. You need to select reporting tools based on your business needs. 

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