41 Free Online Social Media Management Tools-2024

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Many people around the world use social media marketing. It is now a necessity for every brand to rely on social media tools to reach the maximum audience. A good pack of social media management tools can help you increase sales, business growth, and many benefits. 

What is a social media management tool, and why should we use it?

Social media management tools are the tools that allow managers to monitor, publish, manage and view their social media marketing and sales. It makes it easy for the social media manager to get the overall report of the entire brand in one place. 

A social media management tool makes it easy for a person to keep track of all conversations. The data gets in one place, which makes it easier for you to see it at once without changing the tabs again and again. 



A buffer is an excellent tool that saves time and gets better results from social media. It is an automation application that helps you in scheduling social media posts and share content at suitable times. It also helps you post the same post on different platforms at once. 


Buzzsumo makes the life of a social media manager easy by providing an instant look into the best content on any topic. You can compare your content with your competitors using Buzzsumo. It digs into all the similar content posted on all social media channels for you, which you can use in order to create your own content. 


The essential element of successful social media management is all about a great team. A good team can do wonders. To collaborate with your team, Trello offers a user-friendly interface where you can add members and see their work progress over time. Trello helps you keep organized.


With a slight grammatical error, your post can lose its charm. Therefore, it is important to proofread your cent. Sometimes it gets quite hard to read every post. So you can rely on Grammarly to proofread your social media posts for you. 


It is a must-have social media management tool for any social media manager. It is a scheduling tool that makes sure that you don’t go silent on weekends. It helps you deal with all time zones and makes your weekend fresh and comfortable by scheduling your posts on weekdays.


It is a free social media management tool provided by MOZ that helps you break down your social media followers. You can get the exact categorization of your follower’s occupations, locations, and times of tweets. 


Hootsuite is a practical and helpful application to manage all your social media accounts in one go. No social media manager is accessible all the time to reply to each message. Using HootSuite, you can reply to messages, create posts and queue the upcoming one-on-one dashboard. 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an analytics social media management tool that helps you track and analyze all your social media accounts’ performance in one place.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful free tool for social media managers which helps you know the social media platforms that are driving traffic toward your website. 

Google Alerts

Google Alert keeps you on your toes. As a social media manager, you need to know how many people are searching for your brand. When someone searches your brand, you get an instant email. 

Google Trends

Google Trends helps you know the frequency of words people use for a specific category. You can use those words to create relevant content for your website.

Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer is a helpful tool for social media managers to make your headline catchy. It is useful for social media posts as well as blogging. The headline is the main thing a viewer sees without checking the content. 


Like the other social media management applications and platforms, this is also an all-in-one platform that helps in scheduling posts, responding to messages and other reporting features. 


Scotty Monty

Monty is a marketing expert who covers different subject areas. His social media articles are really interesting and informative. He keeps you packed with the latest advancements related to social media marketing and other aspects of digital marketing. 

Social Media Explorer

SME is a blog and a strategic service agency. It is considered one of the widely used websites for social media marketing. It covers different aspects of social media and how to market your product effectively. 

Social Media Examiner

It is one of the eBay blogs for social media. The blogs uploaded here are packed with the social marketers’ wants, valuable tips, and tricks to dive into the world of social media.

HubSpot Marketing Blog

This blog provides outstanding and actionable information about social media networks. It deals with ‘how-to guides’ in detail to help the viewers. 

Social Media Calendar Templates

This social media template helps track your social media campaigns by engagement, social network, and overall schedule. 

Social Media Image Templates

Visuals are more attractive to users than text. This blog provides a vast collection of social media image templates that helps you in making your posts more attractive and colorful.

How to Use Instagram for Business

This blog is really an important one for Instagram users. You should read this blog even if you are not an Instagram user. This blog highlights the importance of Instagram and how it helps drive the best results for your business.  

How to Attract Customers with Facebook

This blog helps you highlight the importance of Facebook. It shows you different ways of using Facebook for your business. It helps in knowing the type of Facebook tools that guarantee the desired results.

How to Get Twitter Followers

If you are new to Instagram and your brand is not advertised correctly, this blog will help you a lot. It shows you several ways of increasing Twitter followers and reaching a more targeted audience in less time.


Developing an End-to-End Instagram Marketing Strategy for Your Business

This free course is available in the HubSpot Academy. It teaches you that Instagram works within 85 minutes. The course consists of 3 elaborate lessons and 13 videos, followed by 3 quizzes. 

Putting Social Media to Work for Your Coaching Business

This free Udemy course helps you learn how to use social media for marketing your business as a consultant or a coach in your industry. 

Developing an End-to-End Facebook Marketing Strategy

This course is so detailed and helps a learner know a lot of tactics of Facebook. This course covers all the topics linked with social media marketing using Facebook.

Social Media Influencer Course

In this era, brands mostly promote their business through influencers. Picking influencers is not an easy deal. You need to know the tactics. This course by Captevrix helps you know the requirements for picking any influencer to promote your product. 

The #AskGaryVee Show

The social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk talks to the audience by answering their questions about social media in scotia media marketing. These answers help the social media managers know a lot of tips from him.

Free Social Media Certification

This course by HubSpot Academy includes video courses across digital marketing and inbound. This course is divided into an eight-step video curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of running a social media campaign for your business. You can also earn a certificate after course completion. 


Digital Marketing Glossary

Even an experienced person sometimes gets confused with lots of social media abbreviations. Therefore, you must keep this with you, as it helps with all the short forms of the text.

The Definitive List of Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations

Just like the above Glossary, this one also helps you know the abbreviated forms of different social media-specific words. 


Title Case

If you are unsure about the letters that should be capitalized in your title. Then, you can rely on this work. You have to write your title here, which will automatically convert it into the perfect title case. 

Headline Analyzer

This breaks down your headline into chunks and gives you several hints about rewriting it. Each time it gives you a score, you can pick various combinations to get a full score. 


Focus Writer

It works with an uncluttered interface. It supports over twenty different languages and features daily timers, alarms, customized themes, spell check, and autosave. 

Calmly Writer

If you get distracted easily, you need to use this application. It helps you stay focused and work on your social media posts’ content instead of scrolling down the social media pages.


If you are habitual of giving so much background and extra content, then you should start using Ilys, as it will keep you within a specific word limit. 


It gets quite hard to transcribe audio by repeatedly minimizing and maximizing the video and word processor. This website allows you to keep word processors and your audio on the same screen with a power control in your hand.



It only deals with Twitter analytics. It offers different methods of twitter analysis of your account and also of your competitors. You need to sign in to your Twitter and provide the details of your competitor’s Twitter handle. The top tweets and statistics will pop up on your screen automatically. 


It is a really helpful application that helps you interact with friends or followers using Twitter. It provides you with a visual map of the people you have been engaged with. Moreover, it also shows those who have been engaged in conversation with your direct followers, making it easy to target more relevant people in one go. 


It is only used for Instagram analytics. It helps you create your own dashboard. It helps you highlight your top posts and most used hashtags and tagged accounts. 


Squarelovin is also for Instagram analytics. It shows the metrics on the recent posts and the growth. It also provides monthly and yearly analytics with the history of all your posts broken into several likes and comments. 


It is a valuable and free tool that allows you to enter any Facebook page without the proper authorization to analyze and measure its performance. You can improve your own Facebook page after getting the statistics of your competitors. 


The above-mentioned free tools for social media managers are game-changing tools. These tools will help the social media managers to engage with their audience in the proper way, and it also keeps them updated about the daily and weekly analytical report.

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