20 Essential Real Estate Agent Tools for Efficiency and Success

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Real estate agents’ tools are systems that streamline various operations related to real estate brokerage and management.

For example, real estate leasing involves many people, including landlords, management companies, brokerage companies, and tenants, and often involve complex interactions. The content of our work includes:

  • Managing information on vacant properties.
  • Creating advertisements.
  • Posting on portal sites.
  • Communicating with customers to acquire tenants.

It covers a wide range of tasks, from contacting tenants, creating documents related to contracts, moving out, billing, etc.

The introduction of real estate tools makes a wide range of operations more efficient and reduces the burden on the person in charge. You can improve your business and strengthen your sales. If you are looking for real estate tools, you must read this article.

Tools for Real Estate Business

Smart Phone

The smartphone is one of those products that you will use more than any other tool in the real estate business. Real estate agents can’t run their businesses without a smartphone. You can respond to your leads quickly using a smartphone, and it helps you accomplish your tasks timely. There are several applications available for real estate agents on smartphones to make work easier. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is an invaluable asset for all real estate agents, which helps to keep track of your prospects, clients, and your overall working sphere. CRM helps manage and review the client’s activities on your website. Owning and using CRM are two different games. You also need to learn its usage.

Own a Website

Website/Blog can make your business run. It helps real estate agents expand their circle, expose listings, buy and sell information for potential clients, and create a platform to demonstrate their skills. A website helps you a great deal in marketing and lets people know about your services. 


Periscope is an exciting application that offers free live streaming. It is best for remote buyers who are interested in your property, and you can offer them a virtual open house tour.


99 Designs is a wonderful application for your brand logo. Instead of depending entirely on the graphic designer, you can get the advice of hundreds of designers’ advice and choose the best design for your real estate business.  


Gone are the days when people used to rely on letters to deliver documents from one place to another. Now HelloSign allows you to get a digital signature of your client and work remotely. The pricing of HelloSign depends on the number of documents that you want to send. HelloSign also allows a free version to sign 3 documents.


It is just like HelloSign, which helps real estate agents get digital signatures from their clients. The paid plan starts from $20 a month, allowing you to send as many documents as possible. 

Speaking Photo

This is a beautiful application for presentations. It allows you to capture photos and then add audio to them. You can update a photo with audio and compare two properties for marketing purposes. 

Google Drive

Google Drive is an in-one application that allows you to store and share photos anytime. Every Gmail user gets a Google Drive account where you can upload, store and share files with lots of people. 


A busy real estate agent might forget some of the important tasks. Here Evernote helps to keep track of everything. It keeps your tasks organized, and you can use a lot of notebooks from Evernote. You can add notes for each client separately. 


Evernote designs Skitch notes, allowing you to stitch the photos together easily. You can click the photo, update it and point out the problematic areas to send it over to the contractor.


It is an application used for tracking email. Instead of getting worried about whether your client has received an email or checked it or not, you can rely on yesware. Yesware tells you whether the client opened the email or not. You can also know if the client has checked the link you sent. 

Curb Call

Curb Call is an exciting application where a notification pops up if a buyer wants to see any place. You can also select the timings and places where you are available, so a buyer can easily contact you. In case of any threat, you can also make emergency calls using Curb Call. 

Google Maps

Google Maps is something important for every real estate agent. You can pin all the locations that you plan to visit on a specific day. Moreover, you can send the exact address to your client for a visit. 


Slydial saves a lot of your time by keeping you away from messages. Every buyer has several questions, and he needs answers to them. So, you can use Slydial, where you can use voicemail to send answers instead of typing them all. 


CamScanner is a widely used application where you can click pictures of your documents, and it directly changes them to a PDF file. You can combine a lot of pictures to create a PDF file too. The paid version also offers many exciting features that can help real estate agents with their work. 

Virtual Staging Solutions

It is hard to attract buyers with an empty room. So, it is a wonderful option to fill the room with virtual objects that fit the room. You can add couches, chairs, tables, and other items to decorate a room. It makes sense for buyers to imagine how the room would look after they settle in. 


This application will benefit you greatly if you want to put videos on youtube about your listings and properties. You can arrange your videos into categories using this application. 


Buffer is an exciting application to schedule all your social media posts. After signing in, you can schedule your posts. The application uploads your photos at the specifically selected time. 


Canva allows you to make social media posts easily. You can design your own flyers, brochures, and posters. Canva also provides several free templates for real estate businesses.

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