What are the top 10 functions of HR

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Human Resource Management handles the smooth functioning of the company. It deals with all the matters from the recruitment process to the growth of a business. This article covers the top 10 human resources functions. 


1. Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is important for any company. The human resources team highlights and plans for the future and how many people an organization needs. Employees’ qualifications, skills, and experience are preplanned to meet future goals.

2. Hiring Process

The human resource team picks the best candidates for reaching the company’s goals. A proper selection process is followed to get qualified and experienced employees. If you have a good name in the industry, then you are halfway through attracting potential individuals. 

3. Professional Development

Employee development plays a key role in employee performance and job satisfaction levels. It is important for every company to spend money on the development of employees to increase employee productivity. The HR department’s responsibility is to plan training programs that can turn into development opportunities for employees.

4. Rewards

It is one of the key functions of retaining current employees. It may vary from job to job, but it is mandatory to give rewards and bonuses to your employees in terms of performance management. Rewards can be in any form, like bonuses, increases in salary, health insurance, promotions, etc. 

5. Employer-Employee Relations

It needs to be a company culture to engage with your entire team actively and include them in business decisions as well. An employee should feel valued in an organization. Every individual is unique and can help the company in different ways.

6. Health and Safety

The HR department is responsible for ensuring the safety of the employees at the workplace. Proper work ethics should be devised for the safety of the employees. The tools needed for work are to be provided to keep employees in a protected environment. For example, helmets must be provided to people in the construction business. 

7. Personal Issues of Employees

The HR department needs to communicate with the employees for employee welfare actively. Every employee has some personal issues that can lower his energy and motivation for work. The HR department needs to take care of the employees’ personal well-being to keep them happy and satisfied.

8. HR Administrative Functions

It is the responsibility of HR to take care of all administrative tasks like promotions of employees, reallocations, health insurance, compensation plan, employee rights, leave management, unethical act, sexual harassment, bullying, etc. Proper policies should be formed for each of the administrative tasks to keep everything intact. 

9. Industrial Relations

It is one of the core HR functions.  The Industrial Relations department stays in touch with unions to maintain a good environment for the company. The department of Industrial Relations is majorly concerned with creating a good environment for employees to work. It focuses on production costs, resource wastage, solving disputes within the company (strikes, protests, etc.), and continuous progress.

10. Career Paths

The HR department should ensure an employee’s personal and professional growth to retain the best talent. It is critical for the HR function to share growth paths and growth opportunities with the employees. The HR department should link the employee’s qualifications and goals with the company’s goals.

What are the 5 functions of HR?

The key 5 functions of HR department are:

1. Devising a proper hiring process

2. Maintaining friendly employer-employee relations

3. Defining career paths for employees

4. Providing rewards to the employees

5. Planning professional development training for employees

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