Blank Invoice Template

Start creating and sending professional invoices with the free blank invoice template from Agiled. Simply download, customize, and send this invoice template to your client and get paid in minutes.

Get Your Free Blank Invoice Template

Creating professional and stylish invoices for your small business has become much easier with Agiled.
So why spend more time designing complicated and unpaid invoices? With the free downloadable invoice templates from Agiled, you can start creating detailed and stylish invoices in seconds. Simply download the template now, customize, save and send.
Our stylish and customizable templates are available for download in PDF, XLS, DOC, Google Docs, and Google Sheets

Download a Blank Invoice Template

Marketing Invoice Template

Blank Work Order

This elegant template has advanced features that will make your invoicing process fast and straightforward. Download it now, and amaze your clients with detailed professional invoices.

E-Commerce Invoice Template

Blank Bill Template

Start billing all your clients with the stylish and professional blank bill template. An ideal invoice template for all businesses. Download from Agiled now, customize, and send invoices in minutes.

Bakery Invoice Template

Sample Blank Invoice Template

Are you looking to create an invoice for your small business? With this editable invoice template, you can easily create a professional and stylish invoice for your business.

Catering Invoice Template

Free Blank Invoice Template

Focus all your efforts on running your business more smoothly and effectively. Use this customizable and stylish invoice template from Agiled to help you cut down on invoicing time.

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Contractor Invoice Template

Blank Invoicing for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you can not run your business smoothly without managing many things in your business. From setting business’s strategies to filing taxes, you get tangled with many complications.
Luckily! Now it is a matter of a few minutes.
Using blank invoicing for your business means you can easily stay on top of all your business transactions.
Get ready to start creating stylish and professional invoices with Agiled for free. Our customizable and stylish template makes it easy to start issuing invoices to your clients.
With the blank invoice template, you can easily describe all the details of services you have provided, the cost for each, and add payment details so that your clients know exactly how, why, and when you expect to get paid for your goods or services.

How to Make an Invoice from the Blank Invoice Template?

A blank invoice is almost suitable for every small industry. Download a blank invoice template from Agiled to start creating stylish, professional invoices in no time.

Simply download the free blank invoice template doc, customize, save and send.

Our stylish and customizable invoices are available in Google Docs or Google Sheets formats.

  1. Download the “ Free Blank Invoice Template” in PDF, Excel, or Word format
  2. Open the blank invoice doc in MS- Word, Excel, or as a PDF
  3. Add your business details. Like the business name, address, contact details, and logo
  4. Customize the invoice. Enter your client details, the services provided, the cost for each, payment acceptance methods, due date, and terms and conditions
  5. Give the name of your invoice. Example: “(client name) Invoice – (date)”
  6. Save

With the free blank invoice template from Agiled, you can add your business details, cost details, and many more.

Creating an invoice is very simple. Download the free blank invoice templates from Agiled as a Word doc, Excel, or PDF file, fill out the fields, save and send. The blank template guarantees that you are not going to miss any of the important details.

Using professional invoices avoids confusion and helps you to run your small business more smoothly and effectively.

How to Fill Out the Invoice Form Blank Template?

You can not run your business effectively without powerful invoicing software. With the blank invoice template from Agiled, you can quickly send high-quality and detailed invoices in minutes. 

Follow the simple given steps below to learn how to make your blank invoice template.

  1. Download the “Free Blank Invoice Template” as a Word doc, Excel, or PDF file.
  2. Open the template on your laptop or mobile.
  3. Add your business details. Add your business name, contact details, and logo, etc., to your invoice.
  4. “Save” the blank invoice template.
  5. To create a new invoice, make a copy of the existing invoice.
  6. Make the invoice for your client. Be sure to add your client’s or business details, the services provided, costs, payment details, and terms and conditions.
  7. Name your invoice. Example: “(client business name) Invoice | (date)”
  8. “Save”

How to Send the Blank Invoice to Clients?

Get ready to start sending professional and high-quality invoices to your clients.

Once you have to fill out your blank invoice template, you can send invoices to all your clients via Agiled, email, or regular mail.

  1. Browse the invoice you want to issue
  2. Make sure that all details are correct. Look at services provided, pricing, total, amount details, due date, and terms.
  3. Name the invoice. For example, “(client name) Invoice – (invoice #)”
  4. To email your invoice, create an email using your business email account. Add your client’s name and email address, add a message, and attach the invoice to the email as Microsoft Word. DOC or PDF.
  5. “Send”
  6. To mail your invoice by post, print out the completed invoice doc and mail it to the client’s address.

Our professional invoice templates make your invoicing process simple and super faster.

Download the Free Blank Invoice Template

Now sending invoices to your clients has become much easier with Agiled. Don’t waste your time and energy on complicated and expensive accounting software. Instead, send stylish and detailed invoices with our beautiful and free downloadable invoice templates.