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With the free consulting invoice template from Agiled, you can create professional invoices that suit the needs of your consulting business. Download, customize, send, and get paid quickly.

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Consultants need customizable invoicing software that they can adjust to meet the needs of their billing. From tracking billable hours to collecting fixed rates for your services, consulting invoices must be highly customizable.

Simplify your billing process and send well-designed, detailed, and precise invoices with the free consulting invoice template from Agiled. Select a template below that is compatible with your business and modify your invoices according to your needs.

Our free downloadable invoice templates are so customizable that they can be used by all consultants, from small business consultants to large financial consulting firms. Download your free consulting invoice template in your favorite format that best suits your business: Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. See all of our free invoice templates here.

Download Consulting Invoice Templates

E-Commerce Invoice Template


 With this beautiful and versatile invoice template, you can quickly create detailed and professional invoices. Download it now and make your billing process super faster.

invoice template

Software Consulting

Download, customize, and send a well-organized, detailed, and clear invoice to your client with just a couple of clicks. Its advanced features help you create and send invoices quickly.

Creative Invoice Template

Business Consulting

This beautiful and customizable invoice template makes the invoicing process easy and fast. Download it now and run your business more smoothly and effectively.

Contractor Invoice Template

Consulting Bill Template

 Download, customize and send this stylish invoice template to all your clients no matter what consulting services you provide. This template helps you to bill hourly, fixed-rate, or project milestones.

Bakery Invoice Template

Sample Consulting

 Not sure of everything you need to add to your consulting invoices? With this invoice template, you can easily include all the details of your services that your client will need to pay for your hard work.

Invoice with Agiled Instead

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What Is a Consulting Invoice Template Used For?

You will need to issue a consulting invoice each time you complete a task or meet a project milestone to get compensated for your services easily. Consulting invoices contain a detailed list of services provided, time spent working on the project, failure or damage to items purchased for work that are billed to the client, the payment due date, and the total amount owed by the bill. Invoicing process not only enables consultants to bill their services; invoices serve as key accounting documents that can help you track your income, determine the efficiency of your business.

How to Create a Consulting Invoice?

You’ve done the job; now it’s time to get paid. Here’s where your invoice plays a vital role. Let’s walk through the process of creating a consulting invoice.

  • Download the Consulting Invoice Template from Agiled for free.
  • In the header, add your firm’s logo.
  • Add the company’s information such as contact number, company’s name, address, and email address, etc.
  • Include the customer’s details like contact number, name, address, and email, etc.
  • Mention the particular invoice number.
  • Add date and payment due date.
  • Include your billing hours for each hard work you have done.
  • Add any extra material or labor you used for the plan.
  • Add due amount along with relevant taxes.
  • Add payment acceptance methods
  • Mention payment terms and conditions.
  • Add personalized message
  • Send the comprehensive invoice electronically or by post.

Invoice Types for Consultant Business Owners

As a consultant, you can pick from various invoice types to choose the invoice type that works best for your business. Most commonly, the consultants usually use the following types of invoice:

Standard invoice: It is a simple invoice for the services you provided to the customer, the amount due, and the payment due date.

Timesheet Invoice: If you want to bill clients on an hourly basis, you need a timesheet invoice to track your billable hours for each job. Timesheet invoices showcase the number of hours worked and the hourly rate of pay.

Expense Reporting: This is used for billing your clients for expenses you suffer while working on-site with a customer. Sometimes the consultants need to bill their employers for hotel costs, food, and other expenses related to the project.

Recurring invoice: If you do the same job for the customer in each billing cycle, you need to issue a recurring invoice to simplify your accounting process.

Interim invoice: As a consultant, if you are working on a long-base project that lasts for several months or years, you can need to send interim invoices when you meet the particular project milestones. This can help with cash flow, as you don’t need to wait until the project is complete invoicing the customer.

Final invoice: After completing the project, you need to send the final invoice to your clients. 

Some Other Templates

Download a Consulting Invoice Template for Free

Create detailed and professional invoices in minutes for your consulting business and start receiving all your payments timely and accurately. With our beautiful and free downloadable invoice templates, you can easily keep track and take control of your finance.