Veterinary Invoice Template

Let’s your clients know exactly when, why, and how you want to get paid for your hard work. Download the free, stylish, and customizable veterinary invoice template from Agiled and get the job done quickly and accurately.

Get Your Free Veterinary Invoice Template

Running a veterinary clinic is a tough job; you examine the pets and treat their injuries and diseases with great care. For your noble and professional services, you deserve to get paid immediately in the right way.

Fortunately, with the help of the editable and well-designed invoice templates from Agiled, you can easily create professional and detailed invoices to bill all your clients and get paid immediately.
Our stylish and customizable templates are available to download in DOC, XLS, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

Download the Veterinary Invoice Template

invoice template

Veterinary Clinic

Stop designing unprofessional and complicated invoices. Get the free customized veterinary clinic invoice template from Agiled and start sending professional and detailed invoices.

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Recurring services

If you are confused about how to tackle your  recurring items, services, description, and prices in your invoice. This is the template where all you have to do is enter a job details and the invoiced amount.

Bakery Invoice Template

Kennel or boarding services

Download, customize and send this stylish invoice template to your clients. You can easily add more fields according to your needs. Issue detailed invoices to your clients and get paid quickly and accurately.

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Make your billing process super faster with this beautiful and customizable invoice template. Its multifunctional features help create and send well-designed invoices quickly and ideally.

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Multiple pets

Whether you want to get paid per pet or group of pets, use this customizable and stylish invoice template to bill all your clients. You can easily add lines to describe all the details of your services.

Invoice with Agiled Instead

Bakery Invoice Template

What is a Veterinary Invoice Used for?

Usually, invoices are issued to get paid for the services that you have provided. However, a complete and detailed invoice can help you much more. 

  • Bill your clients in minutes
  • Get paid immediately and ideally 
  • No more missed or late payments 
  • You can easily manage the financial transaction 
  • Keep track of your client’s account details
  • Make your bookkeeping simple and fast 
Contractor Invoice Template

What is the role of the invoice?

The role of the invoice is to collect the payment for the provision of services and services. In other words, an invoice is issued to receive money firmly. Therefore, the invoice has a fixed retention period to prove the transaction, and the invoice may be a piece of evidence if payment is not made.

Should I write the withholding amount on my invoice?

If a sole proprietor or freelancer issues an invoice, should the withholding amount to be collected be written on the invoice anyway?

However, suppose the business partner is also a sole proprietor or a freelancer. In that case, the other party is not obliged to withhold tax unless it is subject to tax withholding, so of course, it is not necessary to enter the withholding amount on the invoice.

Other than that, if the corporation is a business partner, it is not subject to tax withholding and may or may not be filled out on the invoice. However, withholding fees, etc., are subject to withholding obligations to business partners. Therefore, considering our business partners’ convenience, it is better to include the withholding tax amount on the invoice.

How to Create a Veterinary Invoice?

Creating a veterinary invoice with Agiled is very simple, a layman even creates a professional veterinary invoice in a minute.

Follow the given instructions and get your professional and customizable invoice in a minute.

  • Download the free veterinary invoice from Agiled
  • Add your or business name and contact details
  • Add your business logo 
  • Add client’s name and contact details
  • Add a unique number to the invoice
  • Enter invoice issue date and payment due date
  • Describe all the services provided and the cost for each
  • Calculate the total charges
  • Add payment terms and conditions
  • Add personalized message
  • Save 
  • Send via Agiled or email

 Our flexible invoice template makes it easy to create detailed and stylish invoices in a few minutes. Start collecting all your payments today by downloading the veterinary invoice template from Agiled.

Invoicing Tips

Without a professional and detailed invoice, it could be challenging to get paid immediately and ideally. Here are some main invoicing tips that help you create a professional and effective invoice. 

Numbered the invoice: With invoice numbers, you can easily keep track of all invoices effortlessly. 

Include a ‘payment due date: Including the payment due date in the invoice helps your client know when you expect to get paid. 

Include up-to-date contact information: After entering the invoice’s basic contact details, it is better to recheck it. 

Accept a variety of payment methods: A variety of payment methods enable you to receive your payments as soon as possible.

Invoices Types for Veterinarians

Every pet requires different treatment and veterinary services. To meet all the needs of your services, you need different types of invoices to bill your clients.
Luckily with the free veterinary invoice from Agiled, you can easily customize an invoice type that fits all the needs of your business every time.

  • Standard invoice: A standard invoice is quite simple. It describes what your customer owes.
  • Recurring invoice: A recurring invoice is commonly used to accept regular or continuous payments from customers, such as weekly or monthly.
  • Prepaid invoice: This type of invoice is used to collect a deposit or advance before the full price is due.
  • Time-Based Invoice: A time-based invoice charges a customer based on an hourly rate and time spent on the project
  • Credit Invoice: This type of invoice is used to reflect a credit made to a customer’s account due to a refund or refund
  • Debit Invoice: A debit invoice is sent to notify a customer of a debt or outstanding balance
  • Mixed invoice: This type of invoice lists the charges and credits made to a customer’s account
  • Interim Invoice: While constructing long-term or large projects. An interim invoice is convenient to charge your clients for partial payment that corresponds to the work done to that point.
  • Final Invoice: After the completion of the project, you can easily bill your clients with the help of the final invoice. It contains all the details of the total amount that is still payable.

Some Other Templates

Download a Veterinary Invoice Template for Free

Download the free veterinary invoice template in different formats (Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, MS-Word, etc.) from Agiled.
Create a professional and detailed invoice in a minute, send it to get paid timely and ideally in the perfect way like a professional.