Asking for Referrals: How to Do It the Right Way

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Referrals come with a 90% intention of buying a product. It is important to have proper planning for referrals. A business owner needs to set a customer base for getting referrals. Happy clients are your best assets for getting referrals. Such satisfied clients would bring more customers to your business. This article will cover a few ways to ask for referrals without looking desperate for new customers.


Asking Directly 

It is best to ask directly. You can ask your clients directly without twisting the words and ideas. You can add the information by the end of a message or an email.

Focus on the Best Clients 

It is wise to target only some of the clients. Just focus on your ideal clients. The happy customer is one of the best clients for referrals. These best clients love your services or have ever received any complimentary product or service from you. Every company has a few best clients; you should focus only on the best clients. 

Such clients are more likely to share your product or service with their friends because they trust you and already have experience working with you.

Providing Value 

Providing value to someone’s life is the main ingredient of getting more clients. After completing the project with your client, stay in touch with them and send them the relevant email, a case study, or any article that caters to their problems.

Thanking your Referral Sources

 If any client sends referrals to you, it is mandatory to thank them for this act of kindness. Appreciation leads them to send more people your way. You can send a handwritten note, an email, or a customized message. It helps you get future referrals as well. However, it maintains quality referrals. 

Don’t Wait till the End of the Project 

It is a common mistake that people wait for the end of a project and then ask for referrals. During the project, if you have to make a strong bond with your client and he gives you positive feedback, then you should ask them to refer their contacts to you for similar work.

Customized Messages 

Instead of sending the same message to everyone, it is best to customize the message. A customized message makes a client feel great and energetic too.

Get your Information on their Phone 

Make sure to write your contact information everywhere, like your phone number and email address. Your invoices, email signature, social platforms, etc., should have your contact information. If your client does not have your contact information on their phones, you lose all your chances of getting referrals.

Ask for Reviews 

Sometimes, it could be a better idea to ask directly for referrals. In such cases, ask them to write a review of your product or service, or they may agree to be a part of our case study. If they endorse your business, it means that they are recommending you to others. Potential and loyal clients will give good reviews, so a business owner needs to maintain customer relationships. 

Offers Incentives 

Everyone enjoys a gift. It can be anything like a card, discount, charitable donation, or anything that makes your clients smile a little more. It is also suggested to inform your clients that they will get something in return if they send referrals your way.

Design Referral Material 

Many clients want to refer others, but their schedule doesn’t allow them. Therefore, it is best to design a template for referrals that clients can send to their friends, etc., without writing anything themselves.

A couple of people also believe in paid referrals. They get you excellent leads at a convenient time. Companies also pay other people to get referrals. You can leave the flyers of your services at any local cafe or shop, and the shop owner receives a commission if anyone gets your services.

Provide them Referrals 

If you know someone who needs the services that your client is offering, you can refer them to your contacts. This makes them feel valued and automatically refer their contact to your business.


Schedule reminders on your calendar to stay updated. It is essential to follow up with your previous clients to get referrals.

Join a Referral Group 

There are many groups for referrals on social media platforms. It is suggested to join such groups and ask people to try out your services and products.

Surprise your Clients 

Everyone loves surprises. After completing the task/project assigned by the client, you could do something extra for free that was not included in the overall plan. This surprise can make your clients happy, and in return, they will provide you with referrals. 

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