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There are several blogs for photographers to learn new tips, techniques, and strategies for photography. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in photography, you must update yourself with new knowledge and ways to stay in the field. This article will help you know the resources for photographers to learn different things like creating a photography portfolio, landscape photography, advanced photography, etc. The blogs provide tips for different areas like fashion photographers, wedding photographers, advanced photographers, etc.  

Feature Shoot

This blog showcases the work of professional photographers from around the world. The topics of this blog encompass still-life photography, portraits, landscapes, fine art, etc. This blog appreciates the storytelling images and focuses on one narrative behind each image. The founder of this blog has worked with several top photographers to develop his own website.

Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis includes all motion and still pictures. The blog includes creative and inspiring photoshoots and different tips and tricks to improve your photography skills. This blog’s author also interviews the top photographers to get their ideal tips.

Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernale talks about travel photography and brings life to the photographs with his travel perspective. He calls adventures a force that drives his photography. The writing of Richard focuses on the tools of photography that can help other fellow artists in the same field.

Ehab Photography

 This blog website provides inspiring and informational articles to readers who are keenly interested in learning about photography. This blog posts articles about photography tips, camera lenses, editing techniques, and photography angles. The blog also checks your photography knowledge by presenting a few quizzes.

Joe McNally

McNally is an award-winning and famous photographer in the world. He has completed different projects in 70 different countries. He has been working with top-class brands. In his blog, he writes anecdotes from his personal experiences and journey. He offers different advice to young photographers on improving their photography skills.

Davis duChemin

DuChemin has traveled the world to get compelling images. His projects are primarily with humanitarian organizations. His blog posts focus on world events, people, and other publications that inspire him. He mixes his personal experience with interviews taken by other professionals.

Depositphotos Blog

You will get fresh and updated material about photography on this blog website. This blog posts photography tutorials, the latest updates, insights into the lens and angle views, and marketing tips. You can also read their interviews to get a deep insight into the photography profession.

Ken Kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky is one of those people who like taking photographs. For up to 15 years, he has provided lifestyle images for stock photography organizations. He knows a lot of tips and techniques to set up an excellent photo shoot. He posts tutorials and “HOW TO” articles where he tries to impart his knowledge and experience.

Two Loves Studio

 This blog is all about “Food Photography.” This blog site will get all sorts of food photography information. The author Rachel mixes up her love of food with her education degree and shares tips and techniques to shoot the food items. She also offers a masterclass to share tips regarding lightroom, composition, and business linked with food photography.

Kristen Kalp

If you are a newbie in the photography industry, then this blog is all for you. Kristen Kalp provides a realistic view of the small photography business and enlightens them to succeed in this business.

Zack Arias

He considers himself a director rather than a photographer. He is an expert in making his subjects show their personality to the camera. His posts include his latest projects and his current inspirations too.

The PhoBlographer

This blog site claims to uncover the psychological principles of photography. It focuses on new tips, techniques, and tutorials from a real-life lens. Most of the posts on this blog are informational. There are suggestions about the products and techniques for photographers too.

The LawTog

The author of this blog, Rachel Brenke mixes her law degree with her photography business to understand the legal terms in the photography industry. From a business consulting perspective, she provides strategic information to help other photographers market and build their work while keeping all sorts of legal aspects in mind.


PhotoFocus is considered an educational resource for novice and professional photographers. The blog helps photographers search for success by applying a few tips and techniques offered on this blog site. The authors of this blog interview the professionals to get their ideas and then share them here on this platform. The content is based on podcasts, videos, and camera reviews.

Creative Live

This blog site provides readers with a different and exciting lens for creativity and expressing new ideas. Most of the content is related to suggestions for creating and sharing the photography work using different mediums.

Lightroom Killer Tips

Lightroom Killer Tips offers helpful tutorials and tips to sharpen your photography skills. The content is created from the initial planning stage to final editing and post-production details as well. The posts are easy to read and understandable by a novice photographer even.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is one of the best photography blogs. Darren Rowse founded it. Anyone having a camera who wants to click the best shots can learn tips and techniques from this site. A range of photography tutorials is available on this blog, along with the latest trends in the photography industry.

Click it Up a Notch

This blog was initiated by a mom who loves capturing her family moments. She writes about tips for using a DSLR camera. Her posts are simple and easy to follow. She also offers practical tutorials on her own experiences.

The Modern Tog

This blog site, founded by Jamie Swanson, encompasses the ups and downs of wedding photography experiences. She guides the photographers to make money by taking photos and setting up a reasonable and attractive guide for the clients. Her blogs are inclined towards the business side, and she offers her advice on grabbing customers for a photography business.

MCP Actions

The main goal of this blog site is to make photography fun and exciting for photographers. The lessons present in the articles are based on common daily life situations and everyday challenges. The blog includes tips, tools, and tutorials for taking the best shots.


The above-given 20 blogs are the ones that will help you learn different ways of capturing the shots. As per your area of improvement, you can choose any specific blog and follow it to get a variety of knowledge.

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