Freelance Writing Invoice Template

Make your billing method easy and fast with the free freelance writing invoice template from Agiled. Just download, customize, send, and get paid for your specialized services immediately in the right way.

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Your freelance writing business is moving forward, and you need an elegant and professional invoice to bill your customers, but you don’t need to worry anymore?
With Agiled’s beautiful and free downloadable invoice templates, you can run your business more smoothly by keeping track of all accounting and billing transactions.
Our stylish and professional invoice templates are available to download in DOC, XLS, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. See our complete list of invoice templates.

Download Freelance Writing Invoice Template

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Writing Invoice Template

Use this invoice template to bill your client and get paid quickly for your specialized services. Download it now and make your invoicing easy and effective.

Writer Invoice Template

With this beautiful and editable invoice format, you can easily create well-designed, detailed, and clear invoices with just a few clicks.

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Copywriting Invoice

This elegant and online invoice generator creates a well-designed, easy-to-understand invoice in just a few minutes. Download free.

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Blogger Invoice Template

Make your invoicing process super faster with this beautiful and customizable invoice template. Feel free to download it.

Invoice with Agiled Instead

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What is a Freelance Writing Invoice Used For?

As a freelance writer, you may be curious to know exactly how to bill your clients and keep their payment records under control. Fortunately, using a freelance writing invoice template from Agiled makes this invoicing process quick and simple.

  • Keep track of important sales transactions.
  • Organize past and pending payments
  • Avoid late or late customer payments
  • Easily get the information that will be needed at the time of taxes
  • Clearly communicate charges to customers.
  • Keep track of outstanding debt.
  • Take note of those who repeatedly miss due dates
  • Explain the services and charges to clients.
  • Keep accounting fast and easy.

A freelance writer invoice lists your services, prices, billing information, expiration dates, and more.

Providing clients with a crystal-clear and detailed invoice helps them better understand exactly what they are charged for. Keeping your customers well-informed and avoid late payments and tax hassle. 

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How To Create A Freelance Writing Invoice?

With Agiled creating a simple invoice for your freelance writing business is a matter of a few minutes. You just need to download a freelance invoice template. Create and include a unique invoice number so the invoice and payment can be tracked easily.

It must also include the services provided, the total cost, the name of the client or the company, the billing address, their contact information, the terms of the invoice, the date of issue, and the payment due date.

  • Download a Freelance Writing Invoice Template
  • Include your business name and contact information
  • Add your company logo¬†
  • Include the customer’s name or business name, contact details, and billing address
  • Create and enter a unique invoice number in the template
  • Add invoice issue date and the due date
  • List the services provided with descriptions and costs for each
  • Calculate the total and list at the end
  • Include payment terms and any additional information.
  • Add personalized message
  • Save
  • Send invoice via email, direct mail, or Agiled.

You can customize the written invoice template to meet all the needs of you and your customers. It is pretty helpful to describe in detail the services that you have provided so that your client does not have any margin of confusion. Be sure to include the costs for every service you have rendered.

Enter all payment terms for your client, as well as the date you expect to receive a refund for your services. Including all of this information helps ensure that your customer has no difficulty paying you timely and accurately. 

Invoice Types for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, choosing the best and perfect invoice template for your business can make a big difference. Our free and professional invoice templates are fully editable and can be used as you wish.

The freelance writing invoice template is customizable enough to meet all your needs. Look at the many types of invoices that you can use to invoice your customers.

Standard: The standard invoice is quite simple. It sets out exactly how much the customer owes you.

Recurring:  This invoice can be used to accept recurring payments from customers, for example, if your site requires a copy or other content that is updated monthly.

Prepayment: This invoice is used to collect an advance or deposit in the writing services before receiving the final payment.

Time-based: Use a time-based invoice to bill customers for the time recorded for their writing services.

Credit: This type of invoice indicates a credit that you owe to your client and is used in case of a refund.

Debit: A debit invoice sees an increase in the amount of money a customer owes him due to a high price or outstanding debt.

Mixed:¬†This type of invoice includes the customer’s account balance after a series of charges and credits.

Find an invoice type that works perfectly for your freelance writing business. Your customers will appreciate the time you spend customizing your invoices to suit your needs and include relevant details for them. This enables you to issue a professional-looking and detailed invoice that ensures you are paid the right way.

Some Other Templates

Download a Freelance Writing Invoice Template for Free

Creating a professional-looking and detailed invoice without the help of an accountant can be very quick and straightforward. Let the Agiled‚Äôs Free Writer Invoice sample guide you through creating and submitting a professional invoice today. It’s time to get compensated for your specialized services.