Hourly Invoice Template

Have you been looking for an hourly invoice that both looks stylish and is easy to use? The free hourly invoice template from Agiled will help you organize your charges in a super cool layout while still looking beautiful and professional.

Get Your Free Hourly Invoice Template

You need a quick and straightforward billing process that helps you get compensated for your working hours timely and accurately.

With the free hourly invoice template from Agiled, you can bill your clients quickly and accurately. Create high-quality and professional invoices that are detailed and help small business owners like you who charge hourly for their specialized services.

Our stylish and professional invoice templates are available for download in DOC, XLS, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Browse the complete list.

Download an Hourly Invoice Template

E-Commerce Invoice Template

Free Hourly Invoice Template

Billing is a breeze with this stylish invoice template. Easy to use, stylish, and advanced features. With the help of this free invoice template from Agiled can easily streamline your off-project activities and allow you to resume business activity.

Hourly Invoices for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you may want to charge your client on an hourly basis. You might be thinking about how to approach charging your customers and keeping the entirety of your pending payments under control.

Luckily, our free downloadable invoice templates make your invoicing process quick and straightforward.

Here some main benefits you can enjoy by using hourly invoice:

  • You always keep in touch with past-due payments.
  • Get paid immediately
  • Efficiently manage the client’s information  
  • Bill your client without paying any penny
  • Avoid late fees
  • PDF and printable format
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax and many more.

An hourly invoice accurately records the details of services, your hourly fee, the final amount, cutoff times, due dates, payment details, and much more. Adding all of these details guarantee that your clients are furnished with all that they need to prevent missing payments.

You can rest settle that you are getting paid timely and face no tax time issue. 

With our free resources, you can easily create your own stylish and detailed invoices in a few minutes.

Download, customize and issue an invoice right now so you can start collecting your payments immediately in the right way.

Bakery Invoice Template

How to Use an Hourly Invoice?

To create a simple hourly invoice, first, you will have to download an hourly invoice template from Agiled.

Now you need to add a unique invoice number so that the invoice and payment are easily traced. You also have to add the detail of services you have provided, your hourly fee, number of hours you spent on the project, client name, client contact details, your business contact details, the terms of payment, invoice issuance date, and payment due date. 

  1. Download the free hourly invoice template from Agiled.
  2. Add your business name and contact details.
  3. Add a business logo.
  4. Add the client’s name or business and contact details.
  5. Add a unique invoice number along with the invoice date and the due date.
  6. Add the detail of services or products with descriptions and hourly charges for each.
  7. Add the time charged for every single service.
  8. Calculate the total and include it at the bottom of the invoice.
  9. Add payment method
  10. Add payment terms and any additional information (if any).
  11. Add personalized message
  12. Save
  13. Send invoice via email, Agiled, or by regular mail.

Agiled wants small business persons to accelerate their businesses easily and quickly. With the beautiful and customizable invoice template, you can easily add the exact details you would like to fulfill the needs of both your business and your clients.

How to Fill Out an Hourly Invoice Template?

These step-by-step directions will show you how to create an invoice that includes all of the standard elements of a professional invoice. Below we will see how to customize your invoice to make it unique for your business.

The first time you create the invoice, you need to add details to the blank invoice template.

  • Your business information, i.e., your business name, logo, and contact details
  • Invoice number: To track and save your invoice accurately, it is very important to add a unique invoice number for every single invoice that you make.
  • Client information: Add your client’s name or business and contact details
  • Due date and payment terms: Include all payment terms and conditions and due date and how the client is likely to submit the amount.
  • Services provided: Add all the details of the services that you have provided to the client. Just mentioning the names of the services may confuse your client, so add precise information.
  • Hourly rate: Add the rate that you charge per hour for every single service
  • Quantity purchased (in hours): Add how many hours you spent performing each recorded service.
  • Total cost: Let your customers understand precisely how much they owe to your business

Download a free hourly invoice template from Agiled to start creating high-quality and professional invoices today.

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Download an Hourly Invoice Template for Free

To create an invoice, you need an invoicing program. You can either buy and install software or use an online billing program.
Agiled is an online invoicing program where you can quickly and comfortably create high-quality and professional hourly invoices that meet the law’s requirements.
Our hourly Invoice templates for writers, artists, translators, and freelance workers are free to download, customize, and use right now.