Simple Invoice Template

The simple invoice template from Agiled streamlines your billing process for faster results. It helps you create and send professional invoices in no time.

Free Simple Invoice Template

As a professional, you don’t want to get tangled with complicated and unpaid invoices. Fortunately, with an Agiled simple invoice template, you can easily create professional and detailed invoices in minutes.
Download now and start collecting your payments quickly and easily. Our stylish and customizable invoice templates are available for download in DOC, XLS, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Browse our free templates.

Download Simple Invoice Templates

Bakery Invoice Template

Simple Work Order

In this beautiful and customizable invoice template, you will find many options to create a professional invoice that perfectly fits all your business needs.

Contractor Invoice Template

Simple Bill Template

Use this bill template to create personalized invoices that you can download even in PDF format, print, or email directly to your customers.

Bakery Invoice Template

Free Simple Invoice Template

If you are searching for a free and editable simple invoice template to design your own, this template is the best for you. It has specific fields for each purpose.

Simple Invoicing for Small Business Owners

Now the time has come to get rid of complicated and unpaid invoicing software. Download free our simple invoice templates for your small business.

It does not matter whether you are running a business on a small or medium level. Billing your clients clearly and accurately is the only way to get paid quickly and ideally.

Luckily! with Agiled, it is a matter of a few clicks.
Start sending professional invoices to your clients and get paid quickly in the right way effortlessly.

Consulting Invoice Template

How to Create a Simple Invoice?

You can quickly create and send professional invoices to your clients with Agiled. Start creating simple invoices with us for your small business and get paid promptly and ideally. 

Follow the given instructions and create a simple invoice for your business.

  1. Download the free “Simple Invoice Template” from Agiled in your favorite format (PDF, Word, Excel)
  2. Open the new invoice doc in the desired format.
  3. Add your business name and contact details.
  4. Add your logo in different fonts and colors.
  5. Add the fields in the template to create your invoice. 
  6. Add your client’s name and contact details.
  7. Add the list of services provided and the cost for each.
  8. Add payment terms and conditions.
  9. Add the invoice issuance date.
  10. Add payment due date.
  11. Add privacy policy.
  12. Save.
  13. Send via email or Agiled.

You can easily fill out your business information in our blank invoice templates, add your services and products along with the price. You can choose your favorite accepted payment methods. By outlining payment terms, you can let clients know exactly when you expect to get paid. 

You can also add your business name and logo. Create professional, applicable invoices to receive payments promptly in the right way, every time.

How to Fill Out a Simple Invoice Template?

Keep things simple. With our basic invoice template, you can easily customize blank invoices according to your small business needs. You do not need to work with complicated and expensive tools. Simply free download our simple invoice templates, customize, and send.

Do you want to get your professional-looking simple invoice template? Free download our simple invoice template right now and customize the blank fields. Our stylish and editable invoice template is available in friendly formats like Word, Excel, or as a PDF. Create an invoice that your clients love to respond to.

Follow the given steps and customize a simple invoice for your business:

  1. Download the free “Simple Invoice Template” from Agiled in friendly formats like Microsoft Word, MS-Excel, and PDF.
  2. Open the invoice template on your computer.
  3. Add your business logo in different fonts and colors.
  4.  Add your business name, and contact details.
  5. “Save” the invoice template.
  6. Make a hard copy of your invoice template to make an invoice for your client.
  7. Fill in the invoice fields. Add your client’s name and contact information.
  8. Add the services provided and price for each.
  9. Calculate the total cost.
  10. Add payment terms and conditions.
  11. Add privacy policy.
  12. “Save.”

With the help of this stylish invoice template, you can easily get the professional and detailed invoices that help your clients to know where the invoice came from, what services were rendered and how and when they should release your payments so you could get paid properly and timely.

You can even include your custom logo, brand colors, font, and more. To get paid entirely and immediately, fill out the basic invoice template with all the necessary details. 

How to Send a Simple Invoice to Your Clients?

Are you ready to send your first professional-looking and well-organized invoice and get paid at once?

Download a free, simple invoice template from Agiled, fill it out with all of the essentials details, send it to your client, and get ready to collect your payments.

  1. Open the saved invoice that you have created for your client. 
  2. Give the invoice an appropriate name. 
  3. Add the client’s name. 
  4. Add the invoice number.
  5. Make sure your invoice contains all the necessary information. 
  6. Analyze the services provided, costs. 
  7. Calculate total. 
  8. Add payments terms and conditions.
  9. Add invoice issuance date.
  10. Add the due date.
  11. Send the final invoice by using your business email account. Add your client’s name and email address, write a custom message, and attach it to the email as a Word or PDF. A printable format allows you to send invoices through the regular post.

Some Other Templates

Download the Free Simple Business Template for Small Businesses

Get rid of stressful invoicing software tools because the Agiled knows that you have more important things to focus on.
With our free simple invoice template, you can customize the basic template according to your business needs and start sending invoices right away. And the professional format enables you to create the invoice without missing any of the important details.
Simply free download, customize, and send. Create well-organized invoices that your clients will love to respond to in a matter of minutes.