Exploring Legal Insights: The Top 13 Blogs for Attorneys


Blog posts are really helpful for any profession. The legal community of attorneys can get to know new rules, information about legal topics, legal advice, current events in the world, the future of law, legal resources, expert advice, principles of law, and so much more by reading blogs. 

What is meant by Legal Blogs?

The legal blogs are informative and comprehensive in nature. They are articles written by subject experts and are regularly updated with new content in their field. Legal blogs provide a deep insight into legal clients and also legal professionals.

This article will detail the best blogs for attorneys who will help them in their profession:

  1. The Clio Blog
  2. Lawsites
  3. Legal IT Insider
  4. Law Technology Today
  5. Artificial Lawyer
  6. ABA Journal
  7. Above the Law
  8. LexBlog
  9. FindLaw Legal Blogs
  10. Legal Mosaic
  11. SCOTUSblog
  12. Law.com
  13. Jurist

The Clio Blog

Clio is a legal cloud-based management software that really helps legal professionals. It is pretty helpful in running the forms and organizing the cases. Moreover, you can also collaborate with your clients in a better way using this blog. It is a trusted and widely used blog that is updated with the latest ideas for running a successful law firm. 

It provides new and unique solutions to problems. This blog dismantles the old traditions and ways and lets you enter into the modern world with modern solutions to modern problems.


Lawsites is another exciting blog for attorneys. It focuses on tracking technology and the latest innovation in the legal profession. The content of this blog comprises business resources for lawyers, reporting on acquisitions, and dealing with clients. Lawsites also host a weekly podcast. 

Robert Ambrogi runs this legal blog. He is a lawyer, media consultant, and journalist too. He is quite known in the legal industry due to his innovative ideas and solutions. He practically analyses the problems and helps others in legal matters.

For legal IT attorneys, this blog is a blessing. It is considered the one-shop store for legal matters, updates, news, and other details linked with legal IT. The editor of this blog is former City Solicitor Caroline Hill. He presents solutions from his own knowledge and experience. Therefore, people consider the reporting of this blog as authentic and reliable. 

Law Technology Today

This particular blog prepares attorneys for a better tomorrow. It encompasses remote work in the legal field, automation, and more legal matters. There is a specific section assigned to NFTs and security. 

The unique feature of this blog lies in its vast perspective. It encompasses the reporting which comes from different sources in the legal discipline.

Artificial Lawyer

An artificial lawyer is a reliable source for attorneys. It helps you improve and optimize the daily processes using technology. The legal tech conference is also covered by them, giving readers a chance to see legal matters through a technological lens. 

The tech education guide provided by Artificial Layer is just amazing. All legal professionals can learn a lot of new and unique things on this blog because they offer a variety of courses to succeed in legal matters. 

ABA Journal

ABA stands for American Bar Association. The ABA Journal is a must-read for all legal professionals. It gives a comprehensive view of the legal profession and gives insight into more than 4,000 legal blogs. The expert lawyers create the content here, which is based on their vast experience and knowledge.

The ABA Journal blog has many professional editors who ensure that perfectly written articles are delivered to the audience. The editors also welcome new ideas and letters to improve their blogs. 

Above the Law

Above the Law encompasses insights, opinions, and news on law firms. The attorneys can find the informative articles here. The content on this blog helps small and big law practitioners at every stage of their careers.

The content present on this blog site is divided into three categories for the ease of readers. The three categories are prelaw, law student, and lawyer. Each category is subdivided into different modules to provide ease to the readers. 


More than 30,000 blog publishers are part of the LexBlog community. This Is considered one of the largest legal blogs that are trusted by thousands of law professionals. This blog site delivers the best legal news to its readers in real time. 

The resource center of LexBlog is a treasure house for attorneys. Attorneys can get great support and secrets to cut down the media sites, basic blogging tactics for their firms, and much more to have a successful legal career.

This is one of the easiest blog websites available, making law a piece of cake for everyone. The law can be accessed and understood by everyone using FindLaw Legal Blogs. This blog offers detailed articles, news, and statuses on legal matters and other practice areas.

This blog makes it simple for everyone to access legal articles. The language used in the blogs is quite simple. Detailed articles are available for both legal professionals and also their clients. 

Legal Mosaic takes pride in the fact that they have the best blogs around the world. It breaks the legal terms and explains them so well that everyone can easily digest them. As the word suggests, it arranges the items from complex to understandable pieces, forming a legal picture for legal professionals.


It has a lens of the U.S. Supreme Court. This blog focuses on the petitions that one should watch. All sorts of cases can be found using keywords. It is continuously updated with new ideas and cases. The blog reports in three halves – before, after, and after making the decision.

Every morning, SCOTUSblog shares the list of articles, commentary, and other work related to the Supreme Court with the readers. It is one of the best sites for keeping attorneys busy. 


Law.com is considered a legal source for reporting on global matters. It covers all the news of the UK, USA, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, and Canada as well. Regardless of your time zone, Law.com always presents you with updated news. 


Jurist is basically a public service project which is run by 80 law students who are at 30 different law schools across five different continents. They work under the supervision of professionals and experts at their universities. This blog presents legal matters through an academic lens. There are no financial barriers for the readers to read from this blog site. 


Many lawyers think that their learning is done with law school. This is not true. A person is always in his learning stage, and lawyers can get the updated and best knowledge by reading the blogs written by the top attorneys in the world.  The changing laws, regulations, and new ways can be known by reading attorneys’ blogs. 

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