Free Creative Invoice Template

It is time to avoid complicated and unpaid invoices. Download the free creative invoice template from Agiled and see how simple it is to create beautiful and detailed invoices that are professional and productive.

Get your Free Creative Invoice Template

After hard work, you deserve a paycheck timely. For a creative job like yours, you need a creative invoice to bill all your customers.
With our editable and versatile invoice templates, you can send an invoice that empowers you to get paid before expectations. Download the free creative invoice template to get started.
Our stylish and free downloadable invoice templates are available to download in PDF, XLS, DOC, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Browse all invoice templates.

Download Creative Invoice Template

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Creative Work Order

Download, customize, send this beautiful invoice template, and get paid for your specialized services or items immediately in the right way.

What is Creative Invoice Used For?

Although you love to create remarkable designs for your customers, you still need to bill customers, just like any other small business. Whether you are a freelancer or running a small business, you deserve to get paid timely and accurately.

With our stylish and professional invoice templates, you can quickly invoice your customers while getting accurate details. Your invoice will specify the services you rendered, the price of each, the total amount due, accepted payment methods, and more.

Feel good knowing that our invoicing software allows you to keep track of your accounts, organize customer information, and ensure you stay on top of payments. And those are just some of the benefits.

• Stay on top of past due balances.
• Receive payments for projects, concerts, or monthly retainers in minutes
• Organize customer account information
• Bill your customers quickly for free
• Send invoices via PDF and print format.
• Feel safe at tax time knowing this information is ready.

These are the main reasons why professional like you love to use our invoices. By making billing process simple, you can easily focus on what you do best.

Creative Invoice Template

How To Create The Creative Invoice?

With our editable and beautiful creative invoice template, you can easily create a complete invoice in a minute.
To get started, you have to follow our guide below, step by step.
• Download the free “Creative Invoice Template” from Agiled
• Add your logo in different colors and fonts
• Enter your name, your company name (if applicable), and contact details on the Invoice
• Include creative services performed, including description and cost
• Add your customer’s name, their business (if they have one), and their contact details
• Put the sum of the service fees in the “Total” section
• Add payment method
• Add personalized message
• Describe any privacy policy, late fees, or any other policy in the “Notes” field.
• Save

With blank customizable fields, the creative invoice template makes it easy to fit every specific project. It helps you add the services with a brief description and price so that clients feel very clear exactly why they are billed. These valuable details make it easier for you to get paid timely and flawlessly.
Our creative invoice template can be used over and over again.

Types of Creative Invoice

Every project has a different budget and the desired results, so each Invoice must be tailored to match.
You can be a graphic designer who creates logos, a content creator specializing in writing, a photographer who captures portraits or anything, and everything in between. No matter your creative brilliance, you need an invoice that describes your services and pays you.
With our stylish and professional-looking creative invoice, which is also a modern invoice template, you can invoice:

• Hourly work
• A product (s)
• Digital creative work
• Fine art
• Consulting or coaching
• Many more

Whether you want a creative invoice design for artwork, a creative invoice template for a website project, or anything in between, Agiled stands behind it. Just download the free creative invoice template and tailor it to your brand and customer.
Remember, it has blank fields that allow you to create your desired invoice, adds your services, summarizes payment terms, and more.

Some Other Templates

Download a Creative Invoice Template for Free

Receiving payment for your services does not have to be strenuous. So we created the creative invoice template. Whether you are charging for a service or need a detailed invoice, our template will work for you.
Just download the template, adjust it to your needs, and send it to your customers, knowing that receiving payments will be more accessible than ever.