Interior Designer Invoice Template

Get paid like a lightning speed for your interior designing skills with Agiled’s interior designer invoice template. Download for free.

Get Your Free Interior Designer Invoice Template

As a professional interior designer, you are always stuck with your creative work and never want to spend more time creating an invoice.
With the help of Agiled, you can easily create a professional and customizable interior design invoice in no time.
Download free our stylish and customizable interior design invoice template and get paid for all your fantastic work ideally and immediately.
You can also enjoy various formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, Excel.
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Download Interior Designer Invoice Template

Invoice Example Template

Interior Design Work Order

To cover all the details of your interior designing services use this invoice template to bill your clients and get paid quickly and ideally for all your services in the right way.

invoice template

Free Interior Design Invoice Template

Download this beautiful and editable invoice template to bill your clients. Its advanced features make your billing process easy and fast. 

Benefits of using an Interior Designer Invoice?

The interior designer may get applause from the clients for his creative work, but he never gets paid timely with unpaid and clumsy invoices. 

Start creating an interior design invoice with Agiled today and enjoy the following advantages before you get late. 

  • Free to download
  • Bill your clients in minutes
  • Get paid immediately and ideally
  • Easy to manage the client’s account details
  • Avoid missed payment
  • Due date payments alert
  • Very handy to at the time of filling the tax
  • Keep track of all your business transactions
  • Avoid accountant and nastily argue
  • PDF and printable format

Take your business to the next level with Agiled’s interior design invoice and get your payments in the right way effectively.


Contractor Invoice Template

How to Create an Interior Designer Invoice?

Agiled facilitates you to create a professional and customizable interior designer invoice in a few minutes. 

Follow the given instructions and get your first imaginary interior designer invoice.

  • Free download the interior designer invoice from Agiled in (PDF, Google Sheets, Google Docs).
  • Enter the invoice date along with the payment due date  
  • Add your business logo in different fonts and colors
  • Add your or business name along with the contact details
  • Add unique invoice number 
  • Add detail of your creative services along with the description and cost for each list of material or labor if any
  • Enter the customer’s name or business along with the contact details
  • Calculate the total charges of your services 
  • Enter payment terms and conditions
  • Save 
  • Send via Agiled or email like a flash

Get started today with us and send a crystal clear and detailed interior designer invoice in minutes.

Types of Invoices for Interior Designers

Agiled presents various types of the invoice for interior designers so that they could bill their clients through the invoice that suits them most.

As a professional interior designer, you can easily bill your clients with the following.

  • Preset rate
  • Hourly
  • Percentage on costs
  • Cost per square foot or meter
  • Retail
  • Department store
  • Combination

From small apartment jobs to redesign of large corporate offices, Agiled has you covered. Free download the template and fill in the blank fields as needed. Add your logo, a list of charges, and payment terms. Submit your complete invoice the way your customer wants it, whether it’s in Agiled, by email, or by mail.

Increase profits and efficiency while reducing stress and time spent on bookkeeping and accounting for your business.

Send detailed invoices in minutes. Download the free template to start your interior design business more efficiently.

Some Other Templates

Download an Interior Designer Invoice Template for Free

No need to worry anymore because, with Agiled, you can easily bill your clients ideally in no time.
Download free our interior designer invoice template today and create a detailed and professional interior design invoice template in minutes.